Participation of the PABSEC Delegation in the Observation of the Parliamentary Elections in the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, 2 April 2023

The PABSEC Delegation, composed of Mr. Cemal Ozturk, PABSEC Vice-President, Head of the PABSEC Turkish Delegation, Ms. Mariana Cusnir,  Head of the PABSEC Moldovan Delegation, and Mr. Asaf Hajiyev, PABSEC Secretary General, took part in the observation mission for parliamentary elections in Sofia (Republic of Bulgaria) on 2 April 2023. The Delegation was accompanied by Mrs. Pavlina Lozanova, Secretary of the PABSEC Legal and Political Affairs Committee and Ms. Fikriye Yakistiran, Secretary of the PABSEC Turkish Delegation.

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