Nabat Khanım Hajiyeva


Wife, Dr Narmina Hajiyeva is a practicing ophthalmologist with a PhD. Married for over 35 years and have three children together.

Haji Hajiyev


Oldest son, Haji Hajiyev is a deputy CEO of Azerpost LLC. Graduate of University of Southern California and holds an MBA from Lincoln University.

Menzer Hajiyeva


Daughter, Menzer Hajiyeva is an award-winning entrepreneur and fashion designer. Graduate of New York University and Studio Bercot (Paris) fashion school. Lives in London with her husband and runs her bespoke fashion label.

Javid Hajiyev


Youngest son, Javid Hajiyev is a financial analyst at Pasha Bank, holds a degree in Business Administration from George Washington University and MBA from Lincoln University.